Beg, Borrow, Steal! 7 Super Luxurious AirBnB’s You’d Want to Stay In

You are broke. We all are. But sometimes it’s good to indulge, even if it’s just in your wildest dreams!

So here we are, looking at some of the best, most expensive, and super luxurious AirBnBs across India. We are adding them to our lists now, so that we can visit them when we earn enough money. Or, you know, we could just spend our yearly savings on a one night stay at one of these places:

  1. Tiger Lodge, Nainital 27k per night is CRAZY, but will you consider if it was a villa right in the midst of the Jim Corbett National Park? Yes or yes?!
    Source - Airbnb Source - Airbnb
  2. The Brook, Goa You might want your Goa trip to be a cheap affair, but how about a villa with a private pool? Try convincing your broke AF friends to book this one!
    Source - Airbnb Source - Airbnb
  3. Marari Eco Beach House, Alappuzha, Kerala Rooms that overlook the beach from every side? We’d like to book one, please! If only we can score the 26k somehow!
    Source - Airbnb Source - Airbnb
  4. Le Farm, Kamshet, Maharashtra It’s not just a villa, it’s an estate! Spread over 15 acres, this one’s too magnificent to not save up for!
    Source - plushescapes.com Source - plushescapes.com
  5. Nazarbagh Palace, Jaipur When in Rajasthan, do as royals do and stay in a palace such as this one. But, wait, 70k per night? We think it’s time to find a royal who would pay for this luxurious stay!
    Source - Airbnb Source - Airbnb
  6. Junoon in the Hills, Uttarakhand OMG, this one is gorgeous! You can enjoy this Kumaon hills homestay for a big fat price of 44k for a night. That’s more than a month’s salary, man!
    Source - Airbnb Source - Airbnb
  7. Singtom Tea Resort, Darjeeling A resort in the middle of Darjeeling’s oldest tea estates! Singtom, you are totally worth 28k per night, babe!
    Source - singtomresort.com Source - singtomresort.com
A rupee a day might just lead to a luxurious vacay!