BEDTIME FOOD! 7 Best Foods To Eat At Night To Help You Sleep

Catching up on your sleep might be a tad bit difficult by only counting sheep with your eyes shut. What do you do then? Snack on these 7 foods that’ll make you fall asleep within minutes.
  1. Oats are rich in melatonin which relaxes your body and helps you fall asleep.
    oatmeal Source - www.health.com
  1. Just a handful of almonds will make you doze off in no time. Almonds naturally reduce muscle function and also help in steadying your heart rhythm.
    almonds Source - www.bariatriccookery.com
  1. One tablespoon of honey for a good night’s sleep is plenty. Make sure you don’t overdo it.
    Honey Source - simplyfantasticbooks.com
  1. Whole wheat breads contain a lot of carbs. Carb will definitely make you fall asleep without you trying hard to sleep.
    bread Source - carlaschroder.com
  1. One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is by popping some cherries in your mouth. They contain melatonin which is a good source to make you sleep.
    cherries Source - www.fresh.news
  1. Herbal teas have a ton of snooze boosting properties. Sipping on some off it will instigate your sleep soon.
    herbal tea Source - www.mohanitea.com
  1. The magnesium and potassium in bananas will trigger the muscle and nerve relaxants in you. Perfect fruit to put you to sleep.
    Bananas Source - www.justinapexfitness.com
  So the next time you are sleep deprived, you know just the food to pick on!