Bed Lessons From F.R.I.E.N.D.S

F.RI.E.N.D.S. The best TV show ever! It's been more than two decades since the first episode aired, yet the show never fails to amuse us even today.We have learnt so much from them, so much! Stay clean like Monica. Stay weird like Pheobe. Stay charming like Joey. Stay stylish like Rachel. Stay nerdy like Ross and finally stay funny like Chandler Bing! Now these are the best life lessons we millennials can learn. But hey! The life lessons do not end here, because we have another life lesson to tell you. What’s it about? S**! Oh yes! They’ve taught us lessons on that too! We have your curiosity now, haven’t we? Read on millennials, this list will help you bang it!

  1. Measuring a guy’s weapon! Ladies……listen up or should we say measure up! Chandler, Ross and Joey test the theory that a man’s sausage is equivalent to the distance between a man’s index finger and thumb. Now this may seem like an old wives tales, but hey! Things covered under the pants are always a surprise. A long surprise or a short surprise!
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  2. Revenge Sex Julia Roberts's guest appearance as Chandler's childhood friend taught us that you should never bed anyone who has a reason to seek vengeance against, even if their anger dates back to childhood. Ladies, if you wish have sex in public, remember to run away with his clothes. Revenge is best served naked! Well for the guys, they just don’t care as long as there’s sex in it!
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  3. How You Doin? This is the pickup line! This is the pickup line! This is the pick line! Use these three magical words and you’d be doing it under the sheets! Now that’s how you do it.
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  4. How To Permanently Break-Up After A Break-Up When you’ve had a nasty fight with bae and things are headed for a break-up. What do couples do? Either they part ways or patch up. But Ross has a completely different take on it. Have a nasty fight with Rachel, threaten a break-up, get drunk and sleep with a cute girl who is not Rachel. All of this in a two hour span! Tips for a permanent break-up: have sex after two hours of a fight with a cute girl! Sex is the key to everything! Patch up, break up and permanent break up! Now that’s unaagii……
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  5. Women have 7 erogenous zones We’ve saved the best for you! Guys, Monica Geller will tell you a female has not one, not two, but 7 erogenous zones. 7! 7! 7! Now you cannot miss these areas for pleasuring a woman. Take your time, hit them all and mix them all! Hit and mix, to keep your girl on her toes! Squeeze it like a lemon, because there are just seven!
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    These tips are so useful, aren’t they? This list is the sex part. But what about the pre-sex part? Oh we will tell you that!