Beach Lovers, Here are 7 Beaches You Wish You Were Chilling at Right Now!

Sun, sand, and the surf! Everything you love the most in life is right at the beach!

So, fellow beach bums, time to soak in the glory of these seven magnificent beaches!

  1. Camps Bay, Cape Town If you are looking to spot celebrities on your beach vacay, this is the spot you want to be at!
    Camps Bay Source - The Marly
  2. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman Islands If there was a paradise on earth, we are sure it would be this beach!
    Radhanagar Beach Source - Trip Advisor
  3. Varca Beach, Goa One of the quieter beaches of Goa, this one’s a perfect place to relax at!
    Varca Beach Source - Goa And Tourism
  4. Rottnest Island, Australia Did someone say crystal clear waves? This one’s got them! Oh, did we mention an endless white beach? YAY!
    Pinky's Beach Source - Trek Earth
  5. Lighthouse Beach, Kerala With a lighthouse adorning the view, this beach is definitely on our immediately-visit list right now!
    Lighthouse Beach Source - Economic Times
  6. Hyams Beach, South Wales White beaches have a beauty of their own and this one raises the standards very high. Expect to be mesmerized!
    Hyams Beach Source - tahitiangoddess
  7. Nui Beach, Ko Phi Phi A canoe ride to the beach, a few hours of sunbathing, and snorkeling! We know you are booking your tickets already!
    Nui Beach Source - Color Odyssey
Now all you need to do is pack your swimsuits and sunblock!