Be Mine? These 9 Destinations Will Definitely Make Her Say YES!

Roses, balloons, chocolates and a tiffany box – check. Destination? Still left to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 9 amazing destinations you should pick on to make your proposal a dream-come-true for her:
  1. Paris – Hands down! This has to be the top of your list of destinations to propose her. Dramatic, romantic, historic, what more would you want? It’s a perfect proposal place.
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  2. Rome – This place will help guys create unforgettable proposal for their girlfriends. A place full of sweetheart spots.
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  3. Mexico – Are you both adventure lovers? Mexico seems to be the perfect place to pop the question to her. Go on exploring and adventuring this place before you embark on the ultimate adventure.
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  4. Great Barrier Reef, Australia – Every guy needs to know what her real expectations are. Most women have a fantasy of how this special day will take place. Great Barrier Reef’s spectacular nature attraction is MAGIC! Pop the question to her, NOW!
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  5. Italy – This place has villages which are set into the mountainside with so much color and character. Give her a little post card moment by proposing to her while exploring village to village.
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  6. Fiji – A perfect weekend at Fiji is the best time to pop the question. It’s all about creating that fairytale moment for her away from home.
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  7. Venice – This place is going to seal the deal for you. Get her on a gondola and there’s no way she’ll say a no. Venice is regarded as one of the world’s most romantic cities.
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  8. New York City – You don’t have to take her on the top of the Empire State Building to propose her. New York City always has a sense of excitement in the air which makes for a great place to pop the ever important question to her.
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  9. Philippines – Sunny exotic islands help set a romantic mood. Philippines is filled with hidden destinations which will make you feel like you’re on a magical deserted island. Ask her to be yours while you’re on this exploration.
    Source - howheasked.com Source - howheasked.com
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