Bad Girl’s Bible – 5 Lap Dance Moves to Turn on Your Guy

You have got that one night when you have the chance to make your man go crazy about you, what would you do?

Let’s give you a hint, give him an intense, sensual, wallshaking lap dance he will never forget all his life. And if you have lived your life having such a fantasy, now is the time to live your dream. Sure, great sex will make you his eye candy, but if you know how to tease him right, you will become a legend.

(Shhh… This works on every guy)

Naughty little kittens, here’s some secret spilling art of tease tips, lap dance:

  1. Sit him on a chair, stand a few feet away from him. Start slowly stripping your clothes and tease your man by throwing the clothes on him. Whisper something sensuous in his left ear and pull him towards you. Now, slowly grind and separate the legs. Go between them to touch his chest. Now slowly remove his clothes in the process. Once he is partly naked, mount him. Use your tongue and fingers to explore him now.
    Lap dance 1 | Utter Bewakoof Source - allwomenstalk.com
  2. The whole idea of a lap dance is to drive a man crazy with desire and curiosity. And he doesn’t get to touch you at any point during the dance. Slow tease is the sure recipe to get him turned on as hell. Take all the credit for his *eyeerection* and well….
    Lap Dance 2 | Utter Bewakoof Source - Xxlmag
  3. Choose clothing that reveals your best assets. This is one of those rare times when it’s appropriate to show a lot of skin. It’s super sexy if you can keep gorgeous lingerie handy and pull off a pair of sensuous stockings. Also, did we mention, wear clothes that are easy to take off. You’re now a sex goddess!
    Lap Dance 3 | Utter Bewakoof Source - Tumblr
  4. Know your music and lighting. Set the mood right. Use flattering and intimate lighting with scented candles. Create a playlist so that you don’t have to change the music between your session. Does this get any better than a 5 star? Hell no! Go down and finish each other!
    Lap Dance 4 | Utter Bewakoof Source - lipstickalley.com
  5. Do not forget to make eye contact with him while you’re in action. Gaze at him deeply and let him know how much you want him to do you!
    Lap Dance 5 - Utter Bewakoof Source - Pinterest

Now, get right to the foreplay!