Away from the Camera’s Eyes! 11 Behind the Scenes Photos from Bollywood Movies

Love Shah Rukh Khan? So do we! What about Priyanka Chopra? Oh, she’s the bomb! Aamir Khan? Pure genius! We might have a favourite movie star, but we do love them all! Know why? Because they create magic on the big screen! But have you ever wondered what goes on behind that screen? A lot of effort for sure, but a lot of other things as well! Here are some behind the scenes moments that capture stars at their best:

  1. Amitabh Bachchan gives the camera a shot with HemaMalini and Dharmendra as his subjects! We wonder what the shot looked like!
    Source - scoopbaba.com Source - scoopbaba.com


  1. Taking a break from kissing maybe?! EmraanHashmi takes a break to enjoy a song and a moment alone!
    Source - www.rediff.com Source - www.rediff.com


  1. Couples that laugh together, stay together! Dharmendra and HemaMalini make the most of their break!
    Source - www.rediff.com Source - www.rediff.com


  1. Such friendship, much feels! Notice how Shah Rukh Khan makes those old-school glasses look so freakin’ cool!
    Source - daily.bhaskar.com Source - daily.bhaskar.com


  1. Is it just us or does the cast of Karan Arjun look super attentive while listening to director RakeshRoshan? So dedicated!
    Source - daily.bhaskar.com Source - daily.bhaskar.com


  1. DeepikaPadukone and Priyanka Chopra laugh it out while shooting the song ‘Pinga’! We want to know the joke as well!
    Source - www.bollywoodmaratha.com Source - www.bollywoodmaratha.com


  1. Wait a minute, just one last touch up! PC on a photo shoot for Barfi.
    Source - www.kyaboss.com Source - www.kyaboss.com


  1. Jacqueline Fernandez, our forever crush, shares a fun moment with Akshay Kumar on the sets of Brothers. So adorable!
    Source - www.biscoot.com Source - www.biscoot.com


  1. Break time? Let’s have a deep conversation, shall we?
    Source - www.buzzfeed.com Source - www.buzzfeed.com


  1. Remember Aishwarya’s dance moves in Taal? Here she is, learning it all from choreographer Saroj Khan!
    Source - photogallery.indiatimes.com Source - photogallery.indiatimes.com


  1. HrithikRoshan aka Mr. Perfect checks the mirror before shooting a scene. Bet he couldn't find anything wrong!
    Source - www.buzzfeed.com Source - www.buzzfeed.com

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