At times I felt like quitting dance, but the next morning, I used to work two times harder than before.

Virali Parekh Virali Parekh

I started learning Bharatanatyam when I was 4. I wanted to be a professional dancer since the age of 16. But my parents feared it’s not a money making career and that it should only be done as a hobby. It took me 5 years to explain them various aspects of dance and how I absolutely loved it.

They made a deal that they’ll let me dance only if I score 1st class in my B.A, which I did. Danceworx happened to me when they gave me a year to dance and prove myself. I got trained in Jazz, ballet and contemporary. Seeing my hard work, my parents started feeling positive about dancing. I made a huge decision to learn at Broadway Dance center in New York City. Taking a class there felt like war to me. People danced with such intensity and rage to learn more. I felt like quitting sometimes but the next morning, my passion made me work harder than before. Street jazz and femme funk on heels is the main form of dance which I learnt at BDC. Over the period of time, I learnt how to take rejection. I realized that I’m a professional dancer when I got an opportunity to perform at the Global Citizen Fest amongst several other artists. I want to set up a dance studio soon to educate the kids and their parents. My dream is to combine psychology and dance to teach dance therapy to people when I won’t be able to dance any more.