Are You Up For The Challenge? 7 Themed Races You MUST Take Part In!

Whether you are a well-seasoned runner or a beginner, running a themed race is on all our bucket lists. Basic marathons? Eh…we’d like something fancier. All for a good cause though!

So, here are 7 themed races to challenge you!
  1. Nude Run Of Finland The nude run is a marathon through the forests of Finland where participants can run, walk or Nordic walk at their own leisurely pace. Competitors are allowed to wear only socks, shoes, hats and a little something on top for women (although most seem to go bare).1
  2. Jingle Bell Run / Walk For Arthritis In support of Arthritis Foundation’s mission to prevent, cure and control arthritis and related diseases, participants hit the pavement donning all sorts of holiday gear. These races carry on throughout the winter!
    Source - lvwomanmagazine.com Source - lvwomanmagazine.com
  3. Spartan Race This race combines obstacles like fire, mud, barbed wire, and a few hellish curve balls to get competitors out of their comfort zone. 300 fans, this is your dream come true!
    Source - townnews.com Source - townnews.com
  4. Krispy Kreme Challenge 5 miles, a dozen doughnuts, 60 minutes! Are you up for this 2,400 calories’ race? But don’t fret! All these calories are not for nothing. Everything is donated to a charitable fund!
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  5. Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Are you a Disney fan? Hell, yeah! A full range of Disney-themed races, a marathon, a half-marathon and a family fun run. Tour the theme parks, collect high fives from Disney characters and pose for a lot photos!
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  6. The Color Run Good, clean fun? We’ll pass on that. Participants start out in all-white and at each kilometer, they are splashed with colors!
    Source - bostonmagazine.com Source - bostonmagazine.com
  7. Undie Run We’d participate in this race solely for its tagline, ‘Bare because we care.’ Each year college students are challenged to strip down to their skivvies and run. Why you ask? The clothes they shed at the starting point are donated to charity. They’ve collected a total of 50,000 pounds of clothing till date.
    Source - dailymail.co.uk Source - dailymail.co.uk
So, are you putting your names in?