ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 7 Weird Wedding Destinations in the World

Always thought of doing something epic for your wedding? Choose a weird destination because that’s all that is going to matter. Let’s give you 7 such weird destinations ideas:

  1. Top of Mount Everest, Nepal Probably the best way to say you’ve had a “top of the world” feeling on your wedding day. But just make sure your bride doesn’t suffer from acrophobia, otherwise you’re screwed for life.
    Source - tietheknot.scot Source - tietheknot.scot
  2. Haunted Tutbury Castle, UK It’s that one day of your life when you don’t want gatecrashers. So let’s choose a place to get married where everything will haunt them. So it’s only you, your to-be-wife, the Priest and few of your close ones.
    Source - tripstodiscover.com Source - tripstodiscover.com
  3. Shark Tank, New York You know you’ve always been the trouble maker for your childhood sweetheart. So you choose to get married in the shark tank because you can’t miss looking at those shit scared expressions on her face.
    Source - djadammoyer.net Source - djadammoyer.net
  4. Singapore Zoo, Singapore Being surrounded by wild animals was always what you both wanted, so why not literally get married that way? Adventure much?
    Source - sgweddingstories.com Source - sgweddingstories.com
  5. Scott Island, Antarctica Because travelling to the ends of the world is going to prove your love for your better half. Antarctica? Out of all the places? Do you even realize how cold that place is? Well you clearly want to shiver while you say “I do”.
    Source - theweddinglocation.com Source - theweddinglocation.com
  6. Crocodile farm, South Africa Of course! Because scaring the shit out of your to-be-wife is all you ever wanted to do in your life.
    Source - chillisauce.co.uk Source - chillisauce.co.uk

    *Meanwhile a crocodile passes by*

  7. The Subterranean Lake, Cornwall Let’s go underground! Yea like why not? Having a wedding underground is going to astound your guests when they won’t be able to take their eyes off the underground lake and a place which is candlelit.
    Source - carnglaze.com Source - carnglaze.com
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