Are You Having Sleepless Nights? Learn These 7 Ways To Get Good Sleep In The Night

Lying in bed staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, counting sheep or waiting for the mercy of blessed sleep to come. That’s how most of our nights are. With a bit of knowledge, planning and patience, we can learn to fall asleep fast! Here are 7 ways to fall asleep fast:
  1. Sleep Habits - Start your bedtime routine at the same time each day and maintain a regular sleep time.
    Sleep Source - www.medicaldaily.com
  1. Before Sleep Shower - It can help you relax and cool your body temperature which makes you fall asleep faster.
    Shower Source - www.worldlifestyle.com
  1. Soothing Beverage - Herbal tea or a glass of milk also relaxes the body and help you wind down.
    beverage Source - www.gettyimages.in
  1. Read - Read an entertaining or boring book. It helps to get your mind off worries and restlessness.
    read Source - www.jegandsons.com
  1. Comfortable clothing - Wear loose, light and cool pajamas. Cotton works best as it minimizes nighttime seating.
    mind relaxing Source - www.popsugar.com
  1. Body Posture - Sleeping position matters! Find a comfortable sleep position that supports good sleep posture. Make sure every part of your body is comfortable.
    Sleeping posture Source - www.popsugar.com
  1. Relax Your Body - Try yoga or gentle stretching. It will relax your body and will minimize muscle aches and pains.
    Stretch Source - tao-wellness.com
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