Are You Excited To Watch Any Of These 9 New TV Shows Of 2016?

There are a lot of TV shows which have made us all too curious about them already. But there are a few which are an absolute lifesavers to cling to.

Besides, we all like watching and forecasting about the storyline and wait curiously to know what will happen next!

So let’s give you 9 new TV shows you should watch and talk about:

  1. Big Little Lies – This story is about how three mothers with kids become friends at kindergarten, which eventually ends in murder. How curious has friendship ending in murder left us already!?
    Source - markmeets.com Source - markmeets.com
  1. Divorce – A story about a woman who tries to start afresh after getting divorced. It's going to be a perfect blend of inspiration, motivation and change in perceptions about life.
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  1. Shots Fired – This talks about how an investigator and a special prosecutor investigate of racially charged shooting in the Tennessee town. All you crime story lovers, this TV show is just the thing you'd want to watch!
    Source - www.seat42f.com Source - www.seat42f.com
  1. The Crown – It’s an epic historical drama following the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Knowing a little about History, put into modern ways of acting is always a good thing! So wait for it!
    Source - www.telegraph.co.uk Source - www.telegraph.co.uk
  1. Vice Principals – This show is a comedy which is set in high school, centering on the ambitious vice principals who run the place. Who doesn't enjoy comedy!? We know you need no reasons NOT TO watch this one at least.
    Source - variety.com Source - variety.com
  1. Preacher – The story talks about a conflicted preacher in Texas town who is possessed by a powerful supernatural force. He sets out on a trip with his ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire, to find God who has been missing. Any series with supernatural powers have always been quite an interesting plot to watch! So we know where this one would go.
    Source - dl9fvu4r30qs1.cloudfront.net Source - dl9fvu4r30qs1.cloudfront.net
  1. Love – Comedy which follows a relationship between a sweet, unfortunate nerdy guy and a beautiful, free-spirited girl. How engaging will it be to watch a cute comedy!
    Source - variety.com Source - variety.com
  1. The Girlfriend Experience – This story talks about a Chicago law student starving for cash. She is introduced to the world of ‘transactional relationships’ – being a high-class escort, essentially. Now this show will be nothing less than interesting, to know what an how this student will manage her way out.
    Source - www.starz.com Source - www.starz.com
  1. The Get Down – An all-singing, all-dancing saga about a group of Bronx teens growing up in the nearly bankrupt New York City of the 1970s who become instrumental in shaping the blooming hip-hop and disco scenes. Music and dance is always an all-time-favourite to watch. This TV show is going to have both. So yeah!
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