ARE YOU CAFFEINE ADDICT? Try These 7 Substitutions To Dump Your Coffee Addiction

A lot of caffeine consumption reduces sleep and makes you feel restless and irritated. Cut down your coffee intake to keep yourself energetic. Here are 7 alternatives to coffee you must have:

  1. Water with lemon – You can easily substitute your morning coffee with lemon squeezed in water (hot or cold). It’ll help you get rid of toxins. A great way to start your day.
    Water with lemon Source - tastykitchen.com
  2. Coconut water – Coconut water is naturally sweet and rehydrating which makes it a good replacement for coffee.
    Coconut water Source - justjuicedetox.com
  3. Vanilla latte – If you want something comforting and warm, vanilla latte is just the thing to sip on over coffee.
    Vanilla latte Source - asweetlife.org
  4. Tea – The variety in teas ranging from green, herbal, black to specialty teas in itself gives you a wide array to replace it with your daily cup of coffee.
    Tea Source - hungryforever.com
  5. Teeccino – Teeccino is an herbal coffee substitution made with barley. They have good flavors like chocolate and vanilla nut which you can add to your almond milk. Quit an alternate to your caffeine.
    Teeccino Source - wingitvegan.com
  6. Probiotic drinks – A wide variety of probiotic drinks are available. They help in boosting the immune system and regulates health which makes it a perfect alternative to coffee.
    Probiotic drinks Source - webmd.com
  7. Dandy blend – This one is another herbal substitute you can try for your caffeine intake.
    Dandy blend Source - rachelsnourishingkitchen.com
So now you can choose on whichever alternative you want to eliminate your coffee addiction.