Are These Real? 7 Natural Phenomena That Are Simply Mindblowing!

The Earth is a wonderful place! Weird but amazing things happen almost every day and everywhere. And how we consider ourselves lucky to have spotted a meteor shower or weird clouds! However, here are 7 natural phenomena that top them all.
  1. Glowing Sand – Maldives The phenomenon occurs when a certain form of plankton washes up on the shoreline. Most of the time, they go undetected. But when the currents are strong they get caught up in waves crashing on the shores. You can see this phenomenon in the award-winning movie, Life of Pi.
    Glowing Sand Source - Dailymail
  2. Hverir – Iceland Hverir is a geothermal (internal heat of the Earth) field situated near Kafra. The breathtaking view of the steam and hot water springs surrounded by boiling pools of mud, lava domes and puddles of sulphur will leave you awestruck.Hverir
  3. Sort Sol – Denmark The Sort Sol takes place just after sunset. Very large numbers of migratory Starlings gather there in spring and autumn from southern Europe to Scandinavia. Their numbers are so large that they almost block the sun. Hence, the name Sort Sol (Danish for Black Sun). 

  4. The Pororoca Wave - Amazon You might have heard of the Pororoca Wave if you’re an avid surfer. One of the longest waves in the world, the Pororoca occurs twice a year. It can grow up to 3.7 meters tall. However, this wave is extremely dangerous since it is full of dangerous fauna like crocodiles and piranhas.
    The Pororoca Wave Source - surfertoday.com
  5. Aurora Borealis – Arctic One of the most beautiful natural phenomena, Aurora is a natural light display in the sky. To witness this phenomena is at the top of almost every bucket list!
    Aurora Borealis Source - 7-themes.com
  6. Dirty Thunderstorm – Chile A dirty thunderstorm is a weather phenomenon that is related to the production of lightning in a volcanic plume. Looks like the entrance to hell, doesn’t it?
    Dirty Thunderstorm Source - hizliresim.com
  7. Catatumbo lightning – Venezuela The Catatumbo lightning is an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs only over the mouth of the Catatumbo River. It originates from a mass of storm clouds at a height of more than 5 km and occurs for 10 hours per day.
    Catatumbo lightning Source - scienceline.org
So, have you changed your bucket list yet?