Anything But Basic! 7 Of The Best Toilets In The World!

Bucket List: Meet the president: check! Travel most of the world: check! Pee in the best lavatory:

Life is too short to sit on a basic pot! We like to do everything in style. And we know you do, too!

So, here are 7 of the best toilets around the world!
  1. Public Toilets - Uster, Switzerland The depth of the folded, coloured aluminum strips and the varying reflective angle of light creates a shimmering effect that changes depending on the sun as well as the observer’s position!
    Source - flickr.com Source - flickr.com
  2. Tokinokura Lavatories - Japan Where space is a problem, creativity takes over! A Tokyo-based architecture group has created this sleek public toilet slotted between two buildings in Japan.
    Source - inspiredm.com Source - inspiredm.com
  3. Trail Restroom - Texas The Trail restroom based on the banks of the river Colorado is both, a public toilet and a sculpture that relates to and enhances the landscape that surrounds it. Beautiful, eh?
    Source - impactdesignhub.org Source - impactdesignhub.org
  4. Wembley WCs – London Its concrete base stands up to heavy use. Above head-height, the structure becomes a filigree, shiny metal screen allowing for light and ventilation without letting views in. Never thought a lavatory could look this good?
    Source - dezeen.com Source - dezeen.com
  5. Urilift – London A toilet that rises from the ground during the sociable night time hours and sinks below during the daytime. The height of innovation! 5
  6. The Uritonnoir – France The Uritonnoir is a simple folded utensil that can be slotted into hay bales for easy-access, dry loos. By combining carbon (straw) with nitrogen (urine), human manure is created. This manure can be used as fertilizer. Green huh?
    Source - dezeen.com Source - dezeen.com
  7. Kumutoto – Wellington Perhaps the most unusual looking lavatory on our list. Taking into account security and hygiene, this sculptural form was formed. Iconic, highly visible and unusual!
    Source - squarespace.com Source - squarespace.com
So, it’s nature’s call and yours!