An Island All To Yourself? Yes! 7 Islands You Can Afford To Rent

Islands! We all love islands. The greenery, the privacy, the style, the wildlife, the food and the sea. But owning a private island is just out of our budget. Only the rich can afford this exclusive private retreat. Well, there are few island resorts that offer rooms on islands, but the problem is that you wouldn’t get the island all to yourself. We are going to change that for you. An island that you can rent! An island you can afford! An island for you to do everything naughty! An island all to yourself! Oh sorry! Not island, but islands! Move over millionaires and billionaires, we millennials have found out the ultimate list of islands for you rent and that affordable too. We can rent it for a week or month, it is all in our budget! So the list of islands that you can afford begins:

  1. Dunbar Rock, Honduras. A white villa in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. The feeling? Amazing! The budget? $1,200 a week! Now that’s a bargain. The magnificent view and the blue ocean around you and that’s a rhyme and this is an island for a perfect getaway with bae.
    source-dunbarrock.com source-dunbarrock.com
  2. Kerala Island Resorts, Kerala, India One guesthouse on every island and it accommodates only two people. A romantic getaway is what everyone needs! But the best part? The islands stand on the back waters of Kerala and it costs you $850 per week. Well, if you get into a fight with your partner at the Kerala Island Resorts, you’d have the trees, kites, kingfishers and crabs for company. Kerala is indeed God’s own country!
    source-oysteropera.in source-oysteropera.in
  3. Breakwater Island, British Columbia, Canada Rent an island the tropical way! The Breakwater Island will cost you $2000 a week and they let only one group at a time so privacy is maintained. So bookings have to be made in advance. On warm sunny days the beaches this island holds is perfect for swimming. The island is home to Canadian wildlife so you’ll be sharing your island getaway with deers, eagles and bears.
    source-specializedassets.com source-specializedassets.com
  4. Mfangano Island Camp, Kenya Birdwatchers! This one’s for you. The Mfangano Island Camp is just one hotel that offers 6 islands. Okay, this one sounds expensive. But it isn’t! It will cost you $1925 a week. Each room has a veranda that opens out onto the lake. And do not forget your binoculars because watching the local birds and the wildlife will make you fall in love with this island.
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  5. Porer Island, Croatia The coastline of Croatia has a lot of tiny islands on it, but the prettiest of them all is the Porer Island. The area is only half an acre but it has a 35mm tall lighthouse. Who wouldn’t want to live in a lighthouse? And it costs just $650 a week! The lighthouse has been converted into a four bedroom apartment. A lighthouse with the magnificent sunset view!
    source-daluma-travel.hr source-daluma-travel.hr
  6. Island Of Scalpay, Scotland Millennials, we love this digital world, but what better way to escape it with a remote Scottish Island? Oh it’s the perfect way! Enjoy the beautiful coastline, the cool woodlands, the hills and the magnificent view. The rent is only $870 a week! Scottish whiskey’s are more expensive than that!
    source-travel.allwomenstalk.com source-travel.allwomenstalk.com
  7. Dream Island, The Society Islands, French Polynesia Getting here is an adventure. You need to fly into Tahiti, then on to Moorea Island, take a boat ride, drive a bit, then hop aboard Dream Island’s own boat to reach this island. Phew that’s a lot, but the island’s magnificent scenery will make all that hardworking travelling go away. It will cost you $2100. Live in this tropical vegetation the French Way!
    source-travel.allwomenstalk.com source-travel.allwomenstalk.com
    The budget friendly list is complete. Millennials, off you go. But getting to these islands is a long plane trip Let us help you with that