Always dreamt of living in a fairy tale? Here are 5 places that will fulfill your wish

Be it the princess tower or the dungeons, you have been fascinated with castles ever since you first started reading fairy tales. And while you turned the pages of the book, you dreamt of living in one of those dreamy castles!

As it turns out, you actually can! Here are some magnificent castles and palaces around the world where you can relive your favourite fairy tale!

  1. Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur Some members of the Jodhpur royal family still stay at Umaid Bhavan. Spend a weekend here and soak in the royal atmosphere!
    Umaid Bhavan Palacewe Source - Tour My India
  2. Castell de Cardona, Spain Waking up to a prince or princess’ view of the Spanish countryside, this medieval century castle is a place you wouldn’t want to leave!
    Castell de Cardona Source - BCN
  3. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur Once a hunting lodge, later the king’s residence, Rambagh Palace is a splendid place to spend time with your Prince Charming!
    Rajmahal Palace Source - Rare India
  4. Wartegg Castle, Switzerland Right by Lake Constance, this 16th century castle is right out of one of your favourite fairy tales! Perfect place if you want to relive them!
    Wartegg Castle Source - My Switzerland
  5. Talabgaon Castle, Rajasthan Located in Rajasthan’s Dausa district, the Talabgaon castle is a splendid place for a retreat while enjoying royal treatment! Everything from the heritage rooms to the polo ground defines perfection!
    Source - Talabgaon Castle Source - Talabgaon Castle
Go live your favourite stories!