All You Kadak Chai Fans, Here Are 7 Best Cutting Chai Stalls In Mumbai!

Tea is a beverage; cutting chai is an emotion! Period.

Mumbaikars love their tea and they like it kadak! That makes for a lot of tea stalls around Mumbai. Which is the best you ask?

Here is a list of the best chai tapris around Mumbai.

  1. Chai Bar Café, Andheri Kurla road An in-house tea service that serves kadak chai inside a corporate office. This café definitely tops the list!
    Source - mid-day.com Source - mid-day.com
  2. Gopal Bhatt tea stall, Andheri (W) Founded by two brothers, Gopal and Rup Bhatt, this chai stall has been in the same spot for over 20 years. The chai here is proof of their experience!
    Source - mid-day.com Source - mid-day.com
  3. Qutuz Irani café, Malad (W) The ultimate Irani café to get your dose of kadak chai and Irani bun-maska! Bonus: They serve maggi omelette (!!!)
    Source - Indian Street Foods Source - Indian Street Foods
  4. Ashok Patil Tea Stall, Crawford Market Run by 20 year old Ashok Patil, this stall serves one of the best cutting chai in South Mumbai!
    Source - mid-day.com Source - mid-day.com
  5. Ashish Soni Tea Stall, Mahalaxmi Ever tried lemongrass or mint chai? No? Well, this stall is a must-visit for you!
    Source - mid-day.com Source - mid-day.com
  6. Anna’s Tea Stall, Parel Known for its unique blend of ginger and cardamom, Ashok Pujari’s tea is a delight in the morning!
    Source - mid-day Source - mid-day
  7. ChotuChaiwala.com A website dedicated to delivering cutting chai AT YOUR DOORSTEP! You can make an online payment too!
    Source - Chotuchaiwala.com Source - Chotuchaiwala.com
So all you tea-lovers, go get your cup of cutting chai!