All Those Who Love Cycling, 5 of the Toughest Routes You Need to Try in Your Life

Nothing can match up to the thrill you get while you are cycling. When you are cycling, you feel like you are on top of the world (sometimes you literally are!). And moments when you face a steep narrow path or you are riding next to a cliff? Those moments are what you look most forward to!

To live more such thrilling moments, pack up your cycling gear, and hit some of the toughest cycling routes around the globe and fuel your passion!

  1. Death Road, Bolivia The name of the route says a LOT of things! Riding alongside 600 metre drops, this one’s made for brave hearts and brave hearts only!
    Death Road - Cycling Routes|Utter Bewakoof Source - internationaltravellermag.com
  2. Manali to Leh Only for the hardcore cyclists, the Manali to Leh is one of the most extreme rides in India. Train well before you set out for this one!
    Manali - Cycling Routes|Utter Bewakoof Source - hozeradventure.com
  3. West Coast of Tasmania If you are looking to challenge yourself, this one’s for you! Mountains, forests, waterfalls, this route will provide you with a breathtaking ride!
    West Coast of Tasmania - Cycling Routes|Utter Bewakoof Source - melbournecyclist.com
  4. Friendship Highway From Nepal to Tibet, expect the most challenging uphill climbs you have ever faced on this 500-mile route! Oh, watch out for amazing views from the top of the world!
    Friendship Highway - Cycling Routes|Utter Bewakoof Source - himalayabytricycle.blogspot.in
  5. Alto de L’Angliru, Spain For those who dare, this route is one of the most extreme ones in the world! It might be only a 12.5km ride, but it definitely not an easy or smooth one!
    Alto de L'Angliru - Cycling Routes|Utter Bewakoof Source - cyclist.co.uk