All The Single Men – Take Note! 9 Tweets By Dads Explaining Fatherhood That Are Downright Hilarious!

Let’s accept the fact – fatherhood is tough! But each man who has taken up the job has stuck through it, in sickness and in health! No matter how defeated he feels, he somehow manages to look calm on the outside.

This fight is fucking hilarious for all the single guys out there and a nightmare for the to-be fathers. But, we’re meant to take this in good spirit!

Here are 9 seriously honest tweets by dads explaining fatherhood that’ll leave you in splits!
  1. Sometimes you just drop the ball! 1
  2. The jock who fathered a child. 2
  3. Philosophy meets fatherhood. 3
  4. Life advice! 4
  5. All the right examples! 5
  6. Babysitting 101. 6
  7. Patience is a virtue! 7
  8. Early lessons! 8
  9. Ouch! 9
Men out there, these are true feelings! Someday, you’ll have to go through them, too (maybe!).