Akira Movie Trailer: Sonakshi Sinha’s Punches And Kicks Will Leave You Awestruck!

Akira is a movie starring Sonakshi Sinha, Anurag Kashyap, Konkana Sen Sharma among others and is directed by A.Murugadoss of the Ghajini fame. The film releases on 2nd of September.

What more do you want in a trailer which has Junior Shotgun throwing some serious punches, Anurag Kashyap as a bad cop and Konkana Sen Sharma? A director like A.Murugadoss who has previously given us hits like ‘Holiday’ and ‘Ghajini’. Akira is a remake of the 2011 Tamil film Mouna Guru. The film releases on the 2nd of September.

The 2.30 minutes Akira movie trailer was released on Monday night and it is already the most talked about news in Bollywood. The film shows Sonakshi as the protagonist to Anurag’s villain who happens to be a bad cop! Mostly seen romancing other actors on screen, Sonakshi is now seen in a new badass avatar throwing punches and kicks. The tagline says “No One Will Be Forgiven.” It looks like Sonakshi is hell bent on this part!

Enough Said.

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Didn’t that just blow your mind?

The Plot:

Akira Sharma has moved to Mumbai from Jaipur. At first she is seen handling the bullies in college. With the drastic turn of events she is seen fighting against the cops who are oblivious to the fact that Akira is well trained in action as well.  (Anurag dons the role of a corrupt cop.) Akira has her hands on some evidence about the misdeeds of the cop and it doesn’t look like she is going to stop at any cost. She is strong and stubborn and will reach to the truth no matter what! There is a lot more to her troubled past than what is given away in the trailer. However Akira’s fight isn’t going to be easy. The last few moments of the trailer seem quite disturbing owing to the fact that Akira is left completely alone and broken. The question prevails; will Akira succeed in her quest against the bad?


  • By the looks of the trailer, the film seems to be extremely promising. Akira could become ‘The Film’ for Sonakshi Sinha. The anger and revenge in her eyes is so prominent that it makes us very curious to know Akira’s story.
  • All the action sequences in trailer make way for the fact that the film is going to be full of punches and kicks. Sonakshi looks convincing as Akira.
  • Anurag Kashyap as the bad cop is hateful. His character is dynamic and this could be his unforgivable role as a villain.
  • It’s a delight to watch Konkana Sen Sharma after a quite long time.

What remains a question is that will the film make it or break it? Also, we love Sonakshi’s new haircut! Do you?


Loved the trailer?

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