Airplane Killings - List of 7 Deadliest Plane Crash Disasters of All Times

A Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380-800, performing flight MH-1 (dep Jun 4th) from London to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with 378 people on board, was supposed to enroute over the Bay of Bengal around when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing injuries to passengers and crew. The aircraft continued to Kuala Lumpur for a safe landing. How safe is flying after we’ve heard about this sad news? After this recent incident, the questions have got louder and the unease more evident. Let’s get to know about these 7 disastrous airplane crashes:
  1. Malaysia Airline, 2016 –
Casualties: 34 passengers 6 crew members Airline: Malaysia Airline Airbus A 380-800 Cause – Onset of turbulence
Source -  www.express.co.uk Source - www.express.co.uk
  1. Iran Ilyushin II-76 crash, 2003 –
Casualties: 275 Airline: The Ilyushin II-76 aircraft was carrying personnel from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Cause: Pilot error triggered by poor weather
Source - en.wikipedia.org Source - en.wikipedia.org
  1. American Airlines flight 191, 1979 –
Casualties: 271 Cause: Engine detachment resulting from faulty maintenance
Source -  wikimapia.org Source - wikimapia.org
  1. Saudia Flight 163, 1980 –
Casualties: 301 Airline: Saudia Cause: Pilot error, fire in the cargo hold
Source - www.taringa.net Source - www.taringa.net
  1. Kanishka air disaster, 1985 –
Casualties: 329 Airline: Air India Cause: Terror attack/bomb on board
Source -  www.rediff.com Source - www.rediff.com
  1. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, 2014
Casualties: 298 Cause: Airline shootdown by pro-Russian separatists in Torez, Ukraine
Source -  static01.nyt.com Source - static01.nyt.com
  1. Japan Airlines Flight 123, 1985
Casualties: 520 Cause: Crashed into the ridges of Mount Takamagahara due to mechanical failure
Source -  edition.cnn.com Source - edition.cnn.com
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