A Trip To Divinity! 7 Gorgeous Pilgrimage Sites You MUST Visit

From mountaintop monasteries to super-modern temples, these amazing places will make you believe. These places inspire, astound and simply take our breath away. Here at the 7 most breathtaking holy places around the world:
  1. Lotus Temple, India - The flower-shaped temple is surrounded by peaceful gardens and a large interior space is reserved for people of all faiths to come and meditate.
    lotus temple Source - historicaltimeofindia.blogspot.in
  1. Hagia Sophia, Turkey –It is one of the oldest and most architecturally influential places of worship in the world. It is famous for its awe-inspiring domes and Byzantine mosaics
    Source - almesryoon.com Source - almesryoon.com
  1. Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar - The pagoda is famed for holding the four antique Buddhas and visitors should visit at night to enjoy the chants of the faithful, the floating aroma and the great golden stupas shining in the spotlights.
    Myanmar Source - www.oddcities.com
  1. Ghats of Varanasi, India - Varanasi is the holiest of India’s sacred cities and famous for its ghats, terraced areas on the river banks where the faithful come for ritual baths, washing, meditate, and even cremations.
    Varanasi Source - www.trekkingfun.com
  1. Batu Caves, Malaysia - The complex consists of massive limestone caves filled with intricate shrines. Planning a trip already?
    Malaysia Source - www.afar.com
  1. Boudhanath, Nepal - The stupa is crowned by four sets of peaceful yet watching eyes and is surrounded by massive 50 Buddhist monasteries.
    Nepal Source - www.himalayansocialtravel.com
  1. Borobudur, Indonesia - At 7 stories high and decorated with over 500 Buddhas, Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and home to what is surely one of the most beautiful sunsets anywhere.
    Indonesia Source - www.travelmoodz.com/en
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