9 Weird Cake Recipes You Would Love To Try

Are you crazy about cakes? We are! But what about the cakes that are crazy, too?

Now we can’t have all those wondrous, bizarre foods from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, but we HAVE heard of a lot of unusual cake recipes. You know, like cherry coke cake. But this is just a whole new level of absurd AF. Have a taste of the strangest cake recipe ingredients we’ve come across:

  1. Red chilli
    Whoever heard of a spiced-up chocolate cake? Red chilli works for Asian cuisine, no doubt. But has sweet n’ spicy gone too far by delving into dessert?
    source - beckybakewell.wordpress.com

  2. Beetroot
    Next on our weird food express is beetroot in cakes. You read that right. Turns out, it adds a pleasant red to a chocolate cake and sweetens it, too.
    source - sammyandbella.com

  3. Potato
    Is there anything that a potato can’t do? So incredibly versatile! Potatoes help create a great consistency in the batter and adds a fluffy lightness once it’s baked.
    source - appleandspice.blogspot.com

  4. Black bean
    It has GOT to be the Mexicans who came up with this. Before you scrunch your face, it actually makes a healthier cake, and you can’t even taste the beans!
    source - atastylovestory.com

  5. Thai green curry
    Is this getting weird enough for you? Curry in cake! Okay, technically on top of the cake. Make yourself a good cake with Thai green curry icing.
    source - food52.com

  6. Tomato soup
    At this point, even we can’t use our imagination to understand what this would taste like. But tomato soup is supposed to make your cake moist and light, so we’re all in for a little taste of tomatoes.
    source - foodforahungrysoul.blogspot.com

  7. Jalapenos
    Is this cake, or is this a pizza? We can’t tell the difference anymore. But if you think you’ll like the heat of jalapenos in your cake, you should give this a shot.
    source - bashfulbao.com

  8. Pizza crust
    Since we mentioned pizza, here’s another wacky one. What you do is, you spread out your pizza dough, slap on some cream cheese, and add on fruits and chocolates for toppings. Bake away pizza cake!
    source - splendidtable.org

  9. Popcorn
    Oh boy, if cinemas served caramel popcorn cakes baked with candy and marshmallows!
    source - leitesculinaria.com

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