9 Ways to Make Love Like They Do in the Movies

How many times have you seen people going at it in the movies only to leave you hot and flustered? How many times have you wanted to do things with your bae like that one scene from that particular movie? Countless, right?!

And why wouldn’t you? Since movies teach us so many other lessons, you might as well learn the most valuable lesson from them as well: sex lessons! Just imagine how great it would be if your guy or girl could do exactly what someone did to their partner on screen! Yes, including that thing you love the most! So the next time you and your partner are doing the deed, make sure you keep these tips in mind:

  1. Switch on the #mood

Let’s face it: a huge part of seduction depends on the setting and mood you create! Go classic like so many of your favoruite movies by lighting up candles before you start getting naughty or try something else, like going for a trip and doing it under a waterfall! She definitely won’t need to fake it once you try this!

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  1. Size may not matter, but clothes definitely do!

Ladies, keep this in mind! Noticed how every movie sex scene has this in common? Wear lingerie that will get his heart racing! You could probably get things hotter (and harder) by doing a special striptease! You are sure to make him beg for more!

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  1. Dance is the best foreplay!

Heights of sexiness? When someone does a dance number just for your pleasure? Be it Dirty Dancing style or like Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela, dancing is one of the best methods to turn on your partner! Works like magic!

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  1. Keep your clothes on, will you?

One thing that movies prove is that you don’t need to get all your clothes off to get things heated with your partner! Remember the rain scene in ‘The Notebook’? Yes, something similar to that!

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  1. Just say it (and then do it)!

Tell your bae what you really, really, really want! No need to be shy or hesitant when it comes to getting down and dirty! You just need to tell them (with love, of course!) your innermost desires and wait for them to fulfill those for you! The result? Soul shaking sex unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

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  1. Tease, tease, tease!

If you are not into being straightforward, you could just make your bae guess how you’d like it! Impress them with all your special skills, like maybe a lap dance, and see the effects on them! If things get too loud, give yourself a pat on the back!

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  1. Try someone different 

Someone different? Oooh, this has to be good! Wait, it doesn’t mean you choose someone other than your partner. It just means that if you are single and ready to mingle, go for someone way different than your usual type. Try this tip and your night (or day) is going to be sorted!

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  1. Learn to cheat

Movies like Crash have inspired you to move out of the bedroom and do it in cars instead? Way to go! But along with that, learn the other thing that movies teach you: to not get caught by passersby or the police! We mean, wouldn’t that be a buzzkill to your lovemaking session!

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  1. Do it with food

In the movie ‘No Reservations’, the guy seduces the girl with a special sauce that he has cooked for her. And if you ask anyone, food surely helps getting people in the right mood for sex! So whip up something delicious for your partner and make things more sensual between the two of you!

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