9 Times When Indian Movies Plagiarized Poster Ideas

Bollywood seems to take a lot of inspiration. Whether it is for the stories, the roles or sometimes, simply for the poster ideas. At times, film makers are highly inspired by their peers from around the globe. But then some just take it to a whole new level!

Bringing you 9 Indian movie posters that are purely copied:

  1. Kriti – Shirish Kunder’s ‘Kriti’ has been removed from YouTube after being accused of plagiarism. The poster of the film looks remarkably similar to a Japanese film ‘Gekijourie’.
    Source -  businessofcinema.com Source - businessofcinema.com
  1. Kabali – Actor Irrfan Khan says Rajinikanth’s film ‘Kabali’ has stolen the poster of his upcoming film ‘Madaari’. He cleared the air when he realized that it wasn’t a copy but an artwork made by Rajinikanth’s fan club taking inspiration from Irrfan’s movie poster.
    Source - www.indialivetoday.com Source - www.indialivetoday.com
  1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – This Bollyowood movie’s poster was claimed to have stolen the poster idea of a movie named ‘Lords Of Dogtown’. Well, this wasn’t expected!
    Source - www.shughal.com Source - www.shughal.com
  1. Murder 3 – This film directed by Vishesh Bhatt copied the poster of ‘Jennifer’s Body’. ‘Inspirational’ copy? Nobody knows!
    Source - www.shughal.com Source - www.shughal.com
  1. Mausam – Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor starrer movie poster happens to be a replica of the all-time-favourite Hollywood movie ‘Titanic’. Titanic surely seems to be an inspiration in ways more than one!
    Source - www.shughal.com Source - www.shughal.com
  1. Hisss – Seems like the movie ‘King Arthur’ was quite an inspiration for this Mallika Sherawat starrer movie ‘Hisss’. Now we wouldn’t agree enough if it’s proved that it’s copied and not ‘inspired’.
    Source - www.shughal.com Source - www.shughal.com
  1. Phoonk 2 – Bollywood tries too hard to make the posters look a little like horror, if not the film. But this one seems to have gone way too far by copying the idea from the movie ‘Chaser’. *slow claps* to have made such a terrible try!
    Source - www.shughal.com Source - www.shughal.com
  1. Bhoot – Another failed attempt at being “scary” was made by this Bollywood film ‘Bhoot’. And it’s all the more hard to control our laughter when we come to know that it’s “inspired” from the Hollywood movie ‘Final Destination 2’. Like what were they even thinking!?
    Source - www.thedailytop.com Source - www.thedailytop.com
  1. Xposé – The worst of all has to be Himesh Reshammiya and Yo Yo Honey Singh starrer ‘Xposé’. It is believed that the poster was stolen from the very famous movie ‘The Great Gatsby’. Well, we didn’t expect much anyway!
    Source - in.pinterest.com Source - in.pinterest.com

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