9 Times Maya Sarabhai’s Burns Were So Bad We Literally Had To Apply Ice!

Repeat after us - Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai is the best sitcom on Indian television!

This family of borderline crazy and dysfunctional characters changed television for good! This sitcom was so good that we are still hoping for another series 10 years after the last one was aired!

What stood out the most, in this comedy, were the witty digs Maya Sarabhai (Ratna Pathak Shah) made at Monisha’s (Rupali Ganguly) middle-class-ness!

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and tickle our funny bones once again.

  1. #Burn maya
  2. Wait, what?
    2maya Source - Oye Teri
  3. Because bargaining is the birth right of the middle class!
    Maya Sarabhai Source - Oye Teri
  4. Because etiquettes!
    4 Maya Sarabhai Source - Oye Teri
  5. Cheers! Oops!
    5 Maya Sarabhai Source - startv.in
  6. The epitome of being middle-class!
    6 Maya Sarabhai Source - Oye Teri
  7. Killing two birds with one stone!
    7 Maya Sarabhai Source - startv.in
  8. Ouch!
    8 Maya Sarabhai Source - startv.in
  9. Specific!
    9 Maya Sarabhai Source - startv.in
Maya will forever be our favourite!