9 Things Girls Want Guys To Know After A Heart Break

Heartbreaks are difficult and so is the time that comes along with it. She knows she’s capable of doing things, but she won’t because her wounded heart doesn’t allow her to go out meeting hot singles on a Friday night. 9 things every guy should know about what she wants:
  1. She isn’t “actively” looking for anybody new – She’s just had a heartbreak. She’ll probably just roam around talking to guys in a certain way. That doesn’t mean she’s looking for someone. But that also doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. (Unless she says no. If she says no, respect her decision.)
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  1. She probably won’t trust you right away – Men lie – Or at least that will be the mindset of girls after her split. You’ll have to earn her trust and not expect her to automatically give it to you. Because that’s what she did with the last guy too and see where it ended.
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  1. She’ll want to believe that there are still good guys out there – Just make her BELIEVE in you! You’ve got no other way. Just put in efforts, will you?
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  1. She will want you to be clear about what you’re looking for – This is important. If you’re looking for a casual thing, she could be down. But don’t hint her for wifey things if you are only looking for a fling. Don’ treat her like she’s somewhere in between a f*ck buddy and a girlfriend. NO! Never!
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  1. There will be places where she wouldn’t want to go out on dates – Maybe her ex dumped her at some place you’re planning to take her to. And now even the sight of that place makes her cry. So ask her where she’d prefer to go.
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  1. At times, she will not want to talk about her previous relationship, respect that – Why would you want her to make all those efforts to talk about it just at the beginning of your dating.
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  1. She might not appreciate herself as much as she deserves – Having a shitty ex does a lot of harm to all that self-esteem. She might not feel all pretty about herself. So notice that and make her feel better maybe?
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  1. She might still be angry – The thing about heartbreak is that it easily escalates from “my relationship was bad” to “my ex was bad” to “men are bad”. So don’t get offended. Just be a good listener.
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  1. Ask what’s going on – When she expresses what she wants, she’s seen as demanding and crazy. So she might not tell you what she’d want on her own, because then she’ll be seen as boring and bitchy. So ask her what’s going on if you’re confused with her behavior.
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  Keeping these things in mind and actually acting on them will soon get you an OK from her.