9 Sex Buzz Kills You Should Avoid, Always!

We love how all the sexual tension builds up after a really sexy dirty talk! It’s either that or pre-sex games. However, words are more fun as it ignites the inner pervert in you and your partner! Imagine all the nasty things you’d be doing after a dirty sex talk! Sounds fun and sexy, doesn’t it?
But! What should you never say before or while having sex? Don’t worry we are there to help you! This is a compilation of buzz kill sentences that you should never ever use while you’re at it!

  1. “I can’t wait to have a baby.”
    No…Ladies, it’s best you say this after you’ve had sex! Because if you say this while making out or while having sex, chances are that your guy will definitely isolate himself from you at that very moment. Having a baby is a next level thing! So don’t blame him for backing off. You can call him a baby, but having a baby? That’s the ultimate buzz kill!
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  2. “Wrong hole, wrong hole!”
    Dude, how difficult is it for you to find the right hole? It’s not like there are many holes! And anal sex is painful for your girl, and even more painful if you put it in by surprise!
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  3. “Wait, I’m getting a call.”
    This is awkward! You’re at it and suddenly your partner finds the phone call more important. Is the Prime Minister calling you?
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  4. “I’ll do it myself.”
    Masturbation is good, but when you say it out loud while having sex or foreplay? Not only is this a mood kill, but a confidence kill!
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  5. “Wake me up, when you’re done.”
    Well, for one it will be a sex fest, while for the other it will be a snore fest! If that’s the case, then you’re obviously not compatible.
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  6. “That’s it?”
    For men, the size of their penis is their pride and glory. No matter how big or small, for men, it’s their 8th wonder of the world! And the same goes for a woman’s breast! Size doesn’t matter (in some cases it does) but saying “that’s it?” is very inappropriate! That’s it.
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  7.  “Let me take a selfie!”
    Wait, what! A selfie while foreplay? Remember, this isn’t a selfie session, but a love session! So please keep social media away.
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  8. “My ex...”
    Why would anyone do this? The past is the past, so don’t bring them up in any situation! They’re your ex for a reason. If your partner is the one saying this, well… get out of the shadow of their ex, and find someone you can be in the present moment with.
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  1. “The past issues I’ve had…”
    Sure, there’s a lot on your partner’s mind, but bringing up past issues while building up the sexual tension is the worst thing to do! This just doesn’t fit right in the mood and there’s always coffee or dinner to talk about issues!
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Actions speak louder than words, but in this case, words lead to action!
So choose your words wisely!
Well, our Bhabhi has chosen kinky words for you!