9 Reasons Why You Should Vacation Near A Volcano

Calling attention to volcano vacationing for all those who have caught the wanderlust bug! With the weather beginning to cool down and the rains having made nature so lush, we can’t help but daydream about all the trips we could take this coming weekend! There are many beautiful camping spots around Mumbai itself, so there’s GOT to be so much more out in the world.

Are you looking for something new, too? Do you feel like you’ve seen it all and nothing thrills you anymore? If so, look no further! We’ve found every reason you need to vacation near a dormant volcano!

  1. Unique landscape
    All those mountains and trees and creeks are too common now. The vista of the volcanoes of Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania, and their barren, primeval surfaces will make you feel like you’ve traveled back to a time where dinosaurs existed. We know for a fact that traveling can change you as a person, and we’re all up for some volcano fun!
    source - placestoseeinyourlifetime.com



  1. Volcanic emissions
    Don’t worry, it’s not the same as volcano eruptions; you won’t be ambushed by a sudden rain of lava. Picture yourself in a little cottage near Mt. Bromo, Indonesia, a volcano that only puffs out steam or soft billows of ash. It’s rather fascinating, don’t you think so?
    source - timetravelturtle.com

  2. Climbing & Hiking
    Get your hiking gear and explore one of these destinations! The volcanic exteriors of Stromboli, Italy, are quite the climb for those who love a challenge. The earth is different there, and the volcanoes will rumble and vibrate under your feet.
    source - lonelyplanet.com

  3. Wildlife
    Volcanoes provide a unique habitat, and thus you’ll find unique creatures, like the howler monkey at Mt. Arenal, residing in these areas, too. Because of their extreme seclusion from their mainland relatives, these animals have evolved into exotic forms.
    source - costa-rica-guide.com

  4. Skiing
    Many volcanoes have the ideal slope for skiing, like Chile’s Villarica volcano. It’s the perfect adrenaline rush for those who love snowboarding. We can’t think of a better example where two complete opposites in nature exist so harmoniously: the lava inside the volcano, and the snow on its exterior.
    source - tripadvisor.com.au

  5. Waterfalls
    Another such contrast is the view of a waterfall near a volcano. Flowing at La Paz in Costa Rica, there’s just something about water and fire coexisting that makes us want to witness it.
    source - commons.wikimedia.org

  6. Bird watching
    Because of the high altitude of volcanoes and their rare and unusual terrain, you’re sure to find exotic birds, like the toucan and a rugged kind of hummingbird, gliding around at the Cotopaxi, Ecuador. There’s something interesting to do for every kind of person, even bird watchers!
    source - galapagoscruises.co.uk

  7. Hot air balloon
    A lot of parks are made around volcanoes that provide facilities to tourists. Some volcanoes are docile enough to fly over in a hot air balloon! One such provision is found at the Pyrenees, Girona. We can only imagine how exhilarating it must be to have a view of the inside of a volcano from up in the air!
    source - commons.wikimedia.org

  8. Hot springs and mud pools
    For those who need their dose of leisure after all that exploring, many volcanoes have natural hot springs and mud pools open to public for relaxation. They’re known for their healing and relaxing qualities. The Volcano del Totumo in Columbia has many such small pools in its vicinity.
    source - alternativetravelcartagena.com



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