9 of the Most Annoying Sounds Ever

Do we all remember that annoying and absolutely irritating squeaky sound that would come out when one of the naughty kids in class would scratch the black board with their fingernails? Ugh! UGH! Our mind goes a 100 ways even when we think of it, no?

Even though school and college days are passé, we do have our set of annoyingly awful sounds that we might come across every now and then.

So let’s begin the massive “ugh” parade!

1. Skin scratching

Oh god why! Really, why do people have to scratch their bodies in public? It doesn’t just sound disgusting but it looks even more disgusting!

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2.Crying baby

Recollect that flight you were on and you just couldn’t sleep because there was this annoying baby crying and crying and crying and hell it would not even stop.

Lord, have mercy!

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Aah..WHY THAT SOUND! People, please don’t twitch your finger and toe bones in front of us. It sounds as if somebody is breaking their own bones, deliberately. Uh.

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4.Toffee sucking

That annoying sound that comes out when you suck on a toffee or limlet is just irritating to another level. Kids can be forgiven for once, but us adults, NO. *Unacceptable behavior*

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5.Chewing loudly

Chewing loudly is such an awful sound to come across at the dinner table. Especially when you’re sitting with those who not only chew like a cow but also keep their mouths wide open while at it! PS Try to follow some etiquettes people, because we do not want a disgusting food show.

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Coughing is one the most annoying sounds of all time. We do know it is necessary that you cough, but for le ears, boy we just can’t take it! Stop, please!

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7.Screeching nails

Probably the most disturbing sound on the list, we can’t help but just shut our ears every time when it comes to this sound. That shrill and squeaky sound in life is not at all needed, urgh! So we better stay away from the people who have a weird obsession of scratching nails on hard surfaces!

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Again, that ‘just about to puke’ sound or the sound that comes out when one is already puking, god save us everyone. SAVE US, please.

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Not just yucky to smell but those fart sounds (however funny or fake or real) are just sheer disgraceful sounds! Let’s not be around people having stomach problems from now on? *phew*

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So it’s time you guys avoided these sounds and made a wise decision of staying away from all the people involved in the contribution of making such sounds.

Heads up people! Do not spoil your moods!