9 Heartwarming Stories that Prove Weed Makes Relationships Last

Puff puff is no fun without someone to pass the J to. There’s something so otherworldly about connecting with someone when you’re smoking up – more so when you feel like this stoner is falling for you. Studies have found that couples that smoke up together tend to have stronger relationships and better understanding of their partner.

There are several reasons why couples should smoke up together. We found some stoner relationships that just gave us that fuzzy, warm feeling:

  1. My girlfriend would smoke a couple nights a week. When she smoked, she’d either be next to normal or high out of her head. I got in the habit of texting “Are you a solid or a liquid?” before I headed over, just to know what I was expecting. When she texted back a weird joke (“I’m a quark! I’m strawberry soymilk”), I’d know she was really baked.
    source - thesmokingbud.com

  2. This is how I’d know my boyfriend is a stoner. I send him out to the grocery store with a list that reads, “Salmon, portobella mushrooms, cous-cous, lemons, and cilantro.” An hour later I’m wondering why he’s taking so long since the store is five minutes away. When he finally arrives home, I see twenty bags of groceries and only lemon juice and frozen salmon from the list. However, we’ve also got tortillas, salsa, pineapples, a lot of chocolate, iced tea, granola bars, popcorn, and a stoner grin. “What happened to the list?” I ask, “Aw, man, I lost it…” He takes off his jacket and it’s sticking out of his back pocket.
    source - thesmokingbud.com

  3. My girlfriend is my favorite sesh partner. We smoke daily together: she’s in a chair and I’m on the computer chair. Sometimes we switch it up. We have a really close relationship; I swear she can read my mind, as if she knows exactly what I'm thinking. I can feel it when she pries her way in. Like if we're out somewhere and I need to tell her something or to get something and we're separated, I'll just yell in my head over and over, "GET A FORK, GET A FORK!" and she will. 
    source - twitter.com/stoner_couples

  4. I have the most thoughtful and meaningful conversations with my girlfriend when we’re stoned. We just understand each other better. It’s like I know her soul.
    Plus, stoned sex is always good. Lying in bed stoned together is the best thing possible.
    source - yourtango.com

  5. I have been smoking up for a couple of years now, and my fiancé does as well. When we met each other, we bonded over our love for buds. We have smoked many, many times together and I always feel as though it brings us closer together. I have noticed the differences between people in relationships where weed is present and people in relationships where no weed is present. It is definitely a plant that brings humans closer together.
    source - herb.co

  6. I LOVE the deeper insight I get while stoned and what it does for my relationship. Sometimes you learn things about your partner that they are too afraid to discuss, without saying a word, and then you can comfort them about it later.
    It really helps me to see what needs work in our relationship, and what is great, and I always get a moment where I'm washed over by a wave of warmth and happiness, and reminded that I'm the luckiest girl in the world for having someone so perfect for me, and who loves me just as much as I love him.
    I have anxiety issues, and occasionally, if I smoke too much I'll have a panic attack. My boyfriend is SO great at doing whatever he needs to, to make me feel comfortable and stop panicking. He will distract me from panicking and bring me back to mundane activities to remind me that I'm fine, and if there was something actually wrong with me, I wouldn't be able to do such things. Sex is a great distraction.
    I'm not sure he consciously knows just what he's doing for me, but I think he does and just plays it off sometimes.
    source - thenug.com

  7. Whenever I make weed cookies, my boyfriend feeds them to me because he says that when I’m high, I get the naughtiest. It always works.
    source - metropotam.ro

  8. My girl is my favorite smoking partner. We bond over the herb...I feel as though we have come to understand each other better through our smoking together. We also use it as an aphrodisiac! Naked smoke sesh before sex is always fun.
    source - buzzfeed.com

  9. I guess it all depends on the level of comfort both people have while smoking the herb. I find it as something my man and I can use to add to the sensual activities that go down before making love or while having a coffee and conversation. I have seen men abusing the herb, leaving their ladies empty or jealous over a plant. That's when I would start to question the validity of the relationship. Either way, smoking buds with my man while sitting around painting is a pretty good damn feeling.
    source - giphy.com

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