9 Games to Play in Bed to Make SEX Far More Fun & Intense

Doing the nasty in bed? Well, here are great ways to ick your wow in bed. No more falling into a routine, make your foreplay sexier than ever with these wicked games in bed:

  1. Sand Timer – Set a time interval say, 15 minutes, and tease each other. Kiss, touch and make your foreplay as kinky as you can. But, you are not allowed to have intercourse until that time has elapsed.
    1 Raunch Source - fanpop.com
  2. Truth/Dare (Adult Version) – Take turns in asking each other questions and dare each other to do naughty stuff. Go wild or act to tame, make this game heighten your mood. Well, almost!
    2 Raunch Source - feminiya.com
  3. Fantasy Bowl – Write down few dark and secret fantasies on different chits of paper. Drop them in a bowl and ask your partner to do the same. Then get inside those crispy white sheets and talk about the fantasies you wrote about. Get each other aroused by talking about each other’s fantasies.
    3 Raunch Source - sarasfavoritethings.com
  4. Blindfold and sensual food testing – Get slightly playful and blindfold your bae. Now feed them sensual foods such as dark chocolates, strawberries, grapes, truffles and the like. Make each other hornier. Talk about curiosity!
    4 Raunch Source - lifeunfold.com
  5. Massage each other up – Arrange some fragrant lubricants and grease each other up and make it messy. Definitely, worth it!
    5 Raunch Source - la-tige.com
  6. Call it a war – You, your bae and a pillow, or may be many pillows. A naked pillow fight, or a tickle war, perfect for the moment. The one who surrenders gets to do a sexual favor for the partner. Woof!
    6 Raunch Source - sandiegoboudoirphotographers.com
  7. Gazing without a blink – Gaze each other without looking away, as you are at it, also try breathing together. Find yourself reaching out to kiss and touch.
    7 Raunch Source - rubyslipperedsisterhood.com
  8. Write them a love note – Write a short note telling your love what exactly you want him/her to do in bed and how. Then whisper it in their ears.
    8 Raunch Source - tuku.cn
  9. Read erotic stories to each other – Bring out the devil in you
    9 Raunch Source - 3-chairs.com
You’re in for some ruff choices, OK? OK!