9 Funny Selfies That Show You How Your Selfie Can Fail

A selfie a day makes this generation slay! Love taking selfies? We do too! Unfortunately, some of us are bad at taking selfies. We don’t know where to take a picture, how to take a picture or even when to take a picture! What a mess. Selfie fails are the most embarrasing situations nowadays. But at the end of the day, they are funny as ever! So get ready to laugh out loud at these amusing selfies the world has to offer. We present to you, 9 selfies that are sure to make you giggle:
  1. Double Trouble Did you know that the two halves of your face aren’t identical? If they were, you would look cock-eyed. Just because you like one side of your face more, doesn’t mean it looks better when doubled!
    source:  www.pleated-jeans.com source: www.pleated-jeans.com
  2. Forever Alone A lonely boy can dream. So when he takes a funny selfie in front of a girl being kissed by her best friend, it looks like she’s kissing him! Cheeky boy! He’s going to be such a player when he grows up.
    source:   london.trusttown.net source: london.trusttown.net
  3. Swollen Selfies Biggest selfie mistake: Taking a picture with the camera angled upwards. We do love potatoes, but not people who look like potatoes. Taking embarrassing selfies like that make your face look swollen. Not to mention, it flaunts that double chin we all pretend we don’t have.
    source: www.restnova.com source: www.restnova.com
  4. No If or Butts Sometimes you wake up and feel flawless like Beyonce. There’s nothing wrong with taking good selfies in the bathroom. Do remember one thing though, wear some clothes!  We can see your butt in the mirror! *closes eyes*
    source: heavy.com source: heavy.com
  5. Camel Catastrophe There you are, enjoying your day at a zoo. What would make a selfie cooler? A selfie with an animal? Do yourself a favor and don’t do that. Just because ducks can pout, doesn’t mean the others will!
    source: www.yesvegetarian.com source: www.yesvegetarian.com
  6. The ‘I’m going to die’ Selfie You’re in a forest. What do you do when you spot an animal that could potentially kill you? You take a selfie! Best defense move, are we right? No, moron! Run away or you won’t get to take weird selfies again! Oh, now you take us seriously? Grrr.
    source: www.bajiroo.com source: www.bajiroo.com
  1. You’re So Selfie-sh No matter how many selfies you take, you’ll still look the same! Sometimes people will get irritated by your selfie-obsession. Siblings won’t even bother to hide their annoyance. So if you want the best selfie ever, make sure it’s only of yourself!
    source: jokideo.com source: jokideo.com
  2. Cat-man Catwoman is famous, but we bet you’ve never seen catman. A man takes a cat selfie with half his face covered and ends up looking like a grumpy cat-man!
    source: pandaarya.tumblr.com source: pandaarya.tumblr.com
  3. Give me a (Bathroom) Break! Dressed up and feeling sexy, you decide to take a bathroom selfie. That’s great because we all know the bathroom has the best lighting. But um, why is there a person beside you trying to poop?!  This photo went from sexy to fail!
    source: teamjimmyjoe.tumblr.com source: teamjimmyjoe.tumblr.com
    Well, these selfies cracked us up! Want to laugh more? Read these embarrassing life situations that will make you say “ OMG me too!”