9 Funny Pictures Of Cats That Will Make You Adore Them Even More

Cats as pets? Surprisingly, they are the perfect pets. Yes, we prefer dogs as pets. But guys, give these adorable creatures a chance now. Here are 9 pictures of cats that make you want to just eat them up:

  1. Playboy mode activate! Look at him, what a player! Ladies, need a date? Here’s the perfect partner for you tonight.
    Source - picturenyasifanny.blogspot.in Source - picturenyasifanny.blogspot.in
  1. Remember Pokemon? Obviously you would and everyone’s favourite? Pikachu. This one’s finding his Ash. Are you up for it?
    Source - www.catspictures.net Source - www.catspictures.net
  1. A cat in a cage? Not anymore. They fit just anywhere. Cat in a glass act as a good showpiece.
    Source - crazyasabagofhammers.com Source - crazyasabagofhammers.com
  1. After a hard day’s work, a cigarette and a beer is a must for humans. Why should cats do anything different.
    Source - endlessfuels.com Source - endlessfuels.com
  1. “Dude, where’s my towel”. Cats too take a bath. Every day! So please leave the bathroom door open for them.
    Source - dogvacay.com Source - dogvacay.com
  1. This cat is extremely sorry for eating the mouse.
    Source - dogvacay.com Source - dogvacay.com
  1. Even your dog needs a massage. Get a cat. Fluffy paws make them the perfect masseuse.
    Source - www.youtube.com Source - www.youtube.com
  1. Have any leftover from last night’s dinner? Don’t worry, cats have no hard feelings. Feed them right away.
    Source - endlessfuels.com Source - endlessfuels.com
  1. A helping hand is always a blessing. Let’s clean the house. Paw! Paw! Paw!
    Source - www.hdwallpapers.im Source - www.hdwallpapers.im

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