9 Best Themed Restaurants that Put the Fun in Food!

Remember how we would have themed birthday parties? Get your inner child out, because these themed restaurants are going to excite you! What are you passionate about? The sky? Cats? Aliens? These restaurants have it all.  Don’t settle for boring take-out, have a food adventure!

Here are 9 themed restaurants that will dazzle your eyes:

  1. Giger Bars
    H.R. Giger, designer of the sci-fi horror film ‘Aliens’, designed a bar that looks like an alien’s hive. If you’re secretly extra-terrestrial, looks like you found a place to belong!
    Opened in: 1992
    Location: Switzerland
    Known for : Beer
    source - hrgiger.com

  2. Hospitalis
    Do you hate being sick but love going to the hospital? This hospital themed restaurant will make you wish you were sick all the time!
    Opened in:  2014
    Location: Indonesia
    Known for: Using hospital appliances for serving food
    Cost for two: Rs. 1000
    source - soompeat.blogspot.com

  3. Temari No Ouchi
    Meowww. Wait, was that your stomach grumbling? Nope! It’s the 39 cats that chill at this famous cat cafe. In need of a stressbuster? Sip on some tea while you play with cats! How purrfect!   
    Opened in:  2013
    Location: Tokyo
    Known for: Desserts
    Cost for two: Rs.2000
    source - timeout.com

  4. Dinner In The Sky
    Eating on the ground? How mainstream! Dinner in the Sky suspends you 150 ft above the ground and provides fine dining too! Dine like a God!
    Opened in: 2006
    Location: Available in 45 countries
    source - dinnerinthesky.com

  5. Hajime
    Let’s fast forward to the future.  Welcome, your waiter for today is a robot! Although you won’t have a conversation with it, it will entertain you with a dance!
    Opened in: 2008
    Location: Thailand
    Known for : All you can eat barbecue!
    source - alux.com

  6. Ithaa
    Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid? Then you should try out the world’s first underwater restaurant. 5 metres below the ocean, you can sip on champagne and watch the ocean live above you!
    Opened in: 2005
    Location:  Maldives
    Known for: Seafood
    Cost for two: Rs.16000
    source - travelplusstyle.com

  7. Redwoods Treehouse
    For ‘Throwback Thursday’, visit this treehouse! Built 10 metres high in a redwood tree, this lavish restaurant can only be booked for a private function. What a visual tree-t!
    Opened in: 2008
    Location: New Zealand
    source - drawnoutdoors.wordpress.com

  8. Airbus A-380
    This restaurant is named after the largest airline in the world. Do you love eating in an airplane, but hate going through the security checks and boarding? Here’s your solution! No seatbelts and no emergency landings, this airplane restaurant is everything you hoped for!
    Opened in: 2008
    Location: Taiwan
     source - ibtimes.co.uk

  9. Friends Cafe
    TV show ‘Friends’ is the best sitcom ever, right? China made our wish come true, they made a real-life Friends themed Cafe! It has a smelly cat, a TV that plays Friends episodes and a Central Perk logo!
    Opened in: 2009
    Location: China
    You should try: Cupcakes named after the characters!
    source - screenrant.com


Looking at all these restaurants made us hungry! Let’s make something quick to eat?