7 Ways to Watch Free TV Nobody Told You About

Remember that abysmal feeling you get when you cannot wait to reach home from work and watch that episode you’d been waiting for all week because guess what? You forgot to pay the cable bill! Or are short on cash? Could be anything, right? This is a situation we all must have encountered at some point of time in life. As much as we love watching TV, sometimes our pockets can become a spoilsport! What happens when there aren’t a lot of bucks left in your bank? What do you do then? Your mind starts to boggle in different ways..hacks, hacks and HACKS!

All you TV junkies and budget friendly people, this one’s for you!

  1. TV shops

As crazy as it sounds, this actually works pretty well in India where most of the people gather around a TV shop to watch free news or Bollywood songs or even the Discovery Channel. Now you know what to do the next time you forget your phone at home and have nothing to do whilst waiting for your friend on the street! Free TV, we say!

source - pbs.org


  1. Cable guy’s your friend

We are sure everyone recalls the iconic Miss Chanandler Bong from Friends? That is what the TV Guide used to spell his name like! But we sure do not want a situation like that for our precious relationship with the cable guy. Become good friends with him and you are well in luck to get free TV my friend!

source - 123rf.com


  1. Online

There are so many sites to get free TV from online! From the Fox Network to the ABC website, look out for all the sources of your favorite shows. With the advance in technology, watch them anytime, anywhere! Torrent sites are hep too. Download away!

source - ivacy.com


  1. Live Streaming

Sometimes, sports can be harder than you think when it comes to online TV! Hence, the internet has taken itself a notch further! You can now watch free sports online which are streamed live! Yay! Best site being, livestream.com.

source - play.google.com


  1. Borrow from your friend

We’d suggest make a mental list of all the TV shows you need for your next binge watching session, and keep your dearest DVD purchaser or torrent downloader friend in the loop! Who better to borrow from than your friends! Voila!

source - behindthescenestv.net


  1. Rabbit Ears

This antenna is going to be a star companion to your regular TV set. Believe it or not, rabbit ears make all the local channels go free and provide you with a better quality too! Hence, once you’ve set this up, you’re good to go! You can find it at Amazon.com.

source - youtube.com


  1. Date somebody working in the industry

Well, what more can we say? When you’re dating somebody from the TV industry itself, your life is set in terms of that aspect at least. You can definitely ask them to help you get your hands on the premiere copy of a particular show you like!

source - huffingtonpost.ca


Enough said, this is the need of the hour! Try all of the above and you’re sure to have more bucks left in your pocket at the end of the month with some free TV at hand!