7 Ways To Take Travel Photos which Actually Look Professional

Thinking where should you stand to get the best angle? Flash or no flash? How do you actually snap a beach photo without it looking like one big sky-and-water cliché? Relax! We’re going to make your job easy.

Here are 7 ways how to make your travel pictures look professional:
  1. When at the beach – Avoid clicking pictures in the middle of the day because the sun is too harsh and it’s difficult to shoot. Also, to not make your picture look clichéd, look for something interesting to focus your image on.
    Source - sscphotostore Source - sscphotostore
  2. When in the snow – Look for great colors to offset the snow. Otherwise it’ll be point blank, all white! Use your camera’s exposure settings to get that one perfect click.
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  3. When in rain – Find fun reflections and colorful subjects and use the light to your advantage. Moody skies can make for a great shot.
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  4. When at hiking – Hikes are a great place to bring people in your landscape shots. That’s because they can add a sense to the picture story. Use natural features, such as roads to draw your viewer’s attention to the scene.
    Source - nationalgeographic Source - nationalgeographic
  5. When out at night – A fast lens and a camera with a good sensor can work wonders. All you need to do is get your aperture settings done right. As it’s easier to document darkness when the fast lens lets more light in.
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  6. When in water – GoPro are great under-water cameras. The touchscreen makes it a lot easier to see what’s going on as compared to other models.
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  7. When on streets – Street photography is all about the best, most telling moments and scenes. Market streets are the best place to find such scenes. You can also point your camera towards the sky to get a worm’s eye view of the high-rise buildings or simply the cloudy sky.
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Are you ready with your skills already?