7 Typical People You’ll Meet At Most Campsites

Are you the reserved kind of person? Don’t worry, camps have people from each category. Pick one or suit yourself!

Besides, a little bonding here and there is ought to happen. You’ll know soon!

Here are 10 most common people you’ll find at every campsites:

  1. Absolute Newbies – These are the ever excited bunch of people. Be ready to answer a hundred questions and clear fifty doubts they’ll have.
    Source - buzzfeed.com Source - buzzfeed.com

  1. School Leavers – The school kids with a youthful glow on their faces. Basically the gang who thinks A-levels are the hardest thing you’ll ever achieve!
    Source - brockwood.org.uk Source - brockwood.org.uk

  1. Hardcore Backpackers – Usually the ones to put up their ultra-lightweight tents in less than a minute, cook for the entire army of the camp on a really tiny stove while talking about how many miles they still have to cover. Braggers!
    Source - survival-mastery.com/ Source - survival-mastery.com/

  1. Families – These families seem to bring all the aunts, cousins and elderly relatives for an “adventure”. They’ll never leave the campsite because it’s too much of an effort to get everyone organized.
    Source - momtastic.com Source - momtastic.com

  1. Couples – They’ll wear matching hoodies and call each other with cute (annoying) nicknames and keep everyone awake in the night with their loud shagging.
    Source - travelbonvoy.com Source - travelbonvoy.com

  1. Elderly Couple In The Caravan – Basically living their golden years spending over some red wine and smiling at every person who passes their pitch.
    Source - theguardian.com Source - theguardian.com

  1. Families With A Young Child – These families decide to go camping because it’s cheaper than taking the child to Disney Land or “basically the same thing”. They’ll vow never go camping again after one trip!
    Source - toronto4kids.com Source - toronto4kids.com

So feel free to enter any of these groups and feel yourself at home…or at camp!