7 Tweets the Passport Seva Kendra had Only One Reply To

News channels have been talking about only one thing since this morning: LeT operative David Headley’s first deposition. While everyone was focused on the goings-on of the deposition, there was one Twitter account which seemed to be adding fun to the whole thing: our very own Passport Seva support!

The Passport Seva Kendra’s account has been on a roll since morning and we could not help but compile a list of the funniest bits we came across! Trust us, you will *thank* us for this!

  1. It all started with them asking about David Headley’s passport file number. 1 Passport
  2. And moving on to this person’s very important problem. 2 Passport
  3. We never knew they solved such issues too. 3 Passport
  4. Guess what the reply to this one was?! 4 Passport
  5. In case anyone wanted further proof! 5 Passport
  6. They are funny and they know it! 6 Passport
  7. But, and this is very important, they are polite enough to thank people! Something we all deeply admire! 7 Passport

Thanks for making our Monday morning so amazing, PSK!