7 Too-Pretty-To-Eat Japanese Desserts!

Ever seen food that is just too beautiful to consume? Yes? No? Either way, you’re going to love these 7 traditional Japanese desserts. They are so beautiful you wouldn’t even think of eating them. No. Just no!

  1. Sakura Candy No! This isn’t glass! You’ll forget that once you put the sakura candy in your mouth! But how.can.you.
    Sakura Candy Source - pinimg.com
  2. Goldfish Jelly A clear block of jelly with a candy goldfish swimming inside! How can you ever cut into this beauty?!
    Goldfish Jelly Source - tsunagujapan.com
  3. Hoshi Zuku Yoru This sweet represents the starry night in summer! No shit, Sherlock! If anything it looks like a glass cabinet than a dessert!
    Hoshi Zuku Yoru Source - tsunagujapan.com
  4. Ryokansui This Japanese sweet represents the beauty of a traditional Japanese lake. Indeed!
    Ryokansui Source - sinaimg.cn
  5. Wasanbon candies Wasanbon is a fine-grained form of Japanese sugar. It is pressed into wooden molds to give them the distinctive shapes. It would be a waste to eat these beauties!
    Wasanbon candies Source - allabout-japan.com
  6. Temari These sphere-shaped and brightly colored sweets are so beautiful you couldn’t even touch them with your tongue!
    Temari Source - tsunagujapan.com
  7. Wave Jelly Blue and white layers of beautifully separated jelly forming a wave. It deserves to be on your shelf not your mouth!
    Wave Jelly Source - aacdn.jp
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