7 Tips On How To Plate Your Desserts To Make It Look Professional

We eat with our eyes first, so it's important to learn how to plate desserts properly. Prettily presenting your desserts is a cooking technique that makes for a pleasing visual feast even before the spoon or fork is picked up.

Let’s guide you through it with these 7 tips:

  1. Be creative with colours – A splash of colour can bring your dessert to life. A dark chocolate cake can go from a brown lump to an artful creation when garnished with vibrant berries. That is how you do it!
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  1. Combine textures – Adding different textures to the plate adds excitement to the visual appeal of the dessert. Pairing a smooth, rich ganache with cookie crumbles and soft marshmallows adds just enough attentiveness to draw the eyes in to the desserts.
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  1. Contrast temperatures – Combining temperatures can be a beautiful thing, but your plating does require some consideration. There’s nothing like pairing a slice of perfectly prepared pie or a fruit tart with a cool scoop of ice-cream.
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  1. Don’t make it too tall or wobbly - A slice of layer cakes looks fantastic standing up on a plate. But if it’s too tall there’s a strong chance of it toppling over. If you’re in doubt, lay it on the side. It can still be prettily appointed.
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  1. Have a focal point – Using an element in your dessert as a focal point can help give your plating some focus. Especially if a dessert isn’t a showstopper on itself.
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  1. Compose your plate as you would a painting – Consider a plate as it were a blank canvas. What would fill the space in an interesting way? There is no right or wrong answer and you can experiment to see what looks and feels right to you.
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  1. Garnish with care – Random mint leaves or raspberries for artful effects? Nah! It’s more likely to be confusing than anything else. While whole nuts might look pretty scattered on top of a cake, they are impossible to spear with a dessert fork. Keep in mind how the garnish will function on a finished plate.
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Now that you’ve learnt to garnish your dessert, make some parfaits which will be the hit of every party.