7 Times When Your Flirt Game Went Super Wrong

Ever tried flirting with bae and felt stupid about yourself? You’re going to laugh even harder when you read these 7 best flirt conversations:

  1. When you were too lazy to type, so you just say the bare minimum.
    Source - orzzzz.com Source - orzzzz.com
  2. Those times when you had some knowledge to share, but wrong timing!
    Source - curiosityonline.net Source - curiosityonline.net
  3. At times, you just can’t get over your studies.
    Source - minion143.com Source - minion143.com
  4. That one time when you tried so hard but failed.
    Source - worldwideinterweb.com Source - worldwideinterweb.com
  5. When you actually MEAN to say something.
    Source - Buzzfeed Source - Buzzfeed
  6. Because bae didn’t want to flirt back at you.
    Source - Buzzfeed Source - Buzzfeed
  7. Bro! Why do you even exist? *BLOCKED*
    Source - boredbug.com Source - boredbug.com
So now you know where you stand? Ok never mind!