7 Times Watching Dogs Gave us Life Goals

Dogs – those adorable, happy, hyper, smart, loving.... shall I say more?
In short, dogs are perfect.

Dogs have the best lives – no taxes, no job, no responsibilities. With great lives comes great life lessons! Following the dog’s way of life should become a whole new religion. No, we don’t mean you should greet the people you love by licking their faces – although you could try it and tell us if it works!

So what if you’re not a dog person? You don’t need to hire a dog guru to learn the rules! We’ve got them listed down for you. Dogs do run after their tails, but that doesn’t mean they’re not wise creatures!

Small dogs or big, brown or white, they have a lot to teach us. Bring a  pen and paper because it’s time to take notes! So  start watching dogs because they give us life lessons like these: 


  1. Work hard, play harder
    All work and no play + you = BORING AF. We know you love to workworkworkwork, but you need to chill! Dogs love to play all day, which keeps them happy and fit. Go do something you love and if it involves exercise, that’s even better!
    source - pexels.com

  2. Grow old, but don’t grow up
    Whether you give a ball to a puppy or an old dog, they’ll both jump with joy! They know how to appreciate the little things in life. So don’t just look at the big picture, enjoy the little ones too! Don’t kill your inner child in order to be mature enough for society. Relive your childhood!
    source - pexels.com

  3. Go away, grudges!
    Ever seen a dog give you the cold shoulder? No! No matter how upset dogs are, they don’t hold grudges. Isn’t that super nice?  Life is too short to get angry and ignore the people you love. Learn to forgive, even if your mind can’t forget!
    source - pexels.com

  4. Stop judging, even if you’re studying Law!
    Dogs don’t care about your color, caste, religion or looks. They won’t tell you, “you need to lose weight” or “your grades are terrible”. Basically they won’t tell you anything because dogs bark, duh.  Either way the point is – they don’t judge. It’s time for you to accept people the way they are.
    source - pexels.com

  5. The best time is the present
    Dogs don’t stay up late at night and regret their life decisions like we do. Their lifestyle involves living in the moment. To be truly free, you need to enjoy life as it is, not as it was and not how it will be. Get your head in the present, or out the car window like dogs do!
    source - pexels.com

  6. Be a man’s best friend
    If we had to describe loyalty, we’d definitely say ‘dogs’. Have you wondered why a man’s best friend is a dog and not another man? That’s because we don’t know what true friendship means. Dogs are loyal, they won’t talk behind your back like humans do!
    source - pexels.com

  7. Love, love and love some more!
    People say love makes the world go round, but dogs are the ones who provide the love. You won’t come home one day and find your dog cheating on you! Loyal, trustworthy and unconditional love is part of their package. So give love and you’ll receive love!
    source - pexels.com



Speaking of dogs, there’s something we need to tell you. Turns out having a dog is better than having a boyfriend!