7 Times Sholay Gave Us Some Serious Friendship Goals

Sholay, one of the most iconic Bollywood films, is turning 40 this year! From hilarious to tense scenes with the infamous Gabbar to the lovely song sequences, this movie is an out and out classic. The one thing that stands out the most in the movie is the friendship of Jai and Veeru, played by Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmenda. And who wouldn’t? With all the fantastic moments they shared, Jai-Veeru have set high standards for friends. Here are some moments when this duo gave us serious friendship goals:

  1. Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge Perfect friendship anthem! The lyrics, the scooter, and the sidecar! Amitabh and Dharmendra define the perfect relationship between best friends. How we long for such a friend (and scooter)! Sholay 1972 real: Ramesh Sippy Amitabh Bachchan Dharmendra Collection Christophel
  2. Heads or Heads This iconic invention by Jai, tells us that there are friends who will do/say anything to get their way. Sounds too much like board game night? Yes, we all have that one friend who wins no matter what. They might be cheating, but they are the best kind out there! And we love them so, so much! 2 Coin toss
  3. Spoilsport Alert! A friend isn’t a friend if they don’t sabotage your plans of getting a girl/boy. Jai ruining Veeru’s plan of tricking Basanti is too real for life. We hate our friends for all the countless times they have done this. But, they are awesome. And they will help (well, maybe not) you get the girl anyway. But we all know that, Jai is more important than Basanti. 3 Plans
  4. Best Friends Who Ruin You! This is one of the funniest scenes from the movie. On behalf of Veeru, Jai goes to Basanti’s beloved mausi with a marriage proposal. Whatever bit of reputation Veeru had, went down the drain by Jai’s (brilliant) efforts. We understand Jai perfectly. We hate being the middleman, and we love playing spoilsport. We feel you, Jai! 4 Mausi
  5. Those (Crazy) High Expectations Veeru, while talking about his future with Basanti, tells Jai everything he expects from him. No wonder why Jai is such a spoilsport. Friends have such high (and mostly unrealistic) expectations from us that we can’t help but AAAARGH! 5 High Expectations
  6. Best Friends Will Give Up Anything For You Jai’s death was tragic. Veeru decided to avenge his death, and he became the best kind of best friend. We need more friends who will sacrifice anything for us. #Feels 6 Veeru
  7. Chal Dhanno! Animals are the best kind of friends. Basanti’s mare, Dhanno, is the perfect one. From being tolerant of Basanti’s babble to coming to her rescue, Dhanno has got her priorities sorted! 7 Dhanno

Jai and Veeru are often hailed as one of the best pair of friends portrayed in Bollywood movies. And for good reason! They redefined the definition of friendship, and more! We would love nothing more than reaching the Jai-Veeru friendship level!