7 Things You Need To Tell Your Parents About About 'Finding Dory'

 ‘Finding Dory’ which comes 13 years after ‘Finding Nemo’ breaks the box office records with $136.2 million this June. This movie is also the second largest June opening of all times.

There are 7 things you should know about this movie before you take your child to watch it:

  1. If you’re thinking twice before taking your kids to this movie, then don’t. If your kids liked ‘Finding Nemo’ then they will love ‘Finding Dory’.
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  1. If you’re worried whether you’ll like it or not, then you don’t have to at all. It’s Pixar at its best. All you need to have is a sense of humor, an appreciation for beauty and more emotional depth than a robot. Pfft!
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  1. Piper - It tells the story of a newly-hatched and very hungry sandpiper and his mom, and if you didn’t know you were looking at animation, you would easily believe it was filmed live. It’s funny, and it will get you a bit in the feels, but mostly you’ll sit there in slack-jawed amazement at its beauty.
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  1. Worth paying more to watch it in 3D? Absolutely! The depth that 3D would give it, particularly considering how well Pixar usually renders their films in 3D, would add to the experience. So go for it!
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  1. Wait until the end credits for the bonus scene. You really don’t want to miss this one. Trust us!
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  1. There’s nothing unneeded in the movie, really. It’s solidly entertaining from start to finish, so there’s no great time to go for a bathroom break in between. So don’t scoot out at all.
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  1. Your kids are definitely going to want toys after watching this movie. Which ones? Hank, Otters, sea lions and Gerald. Gerald is awesome, you’ll see!
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With all this being said, don’t miss out on this movie. We also have other movie recommendations for you.