7 Things To Do Before You Get Married

7. Move out of your Parent's house: Independence is the best thing you can give yourself. mving out 6. Make your career dreams come true: If you have a dream, make it come true. Achieve your goals before you settle down with that someone special. career 5. Manage your finances: Learn to save your money and invest it in the right places. manage-finances 4. Learn to cook: No, it is not so that you can play the typical bahu after marriage, but irrespective of gender, a person who can cook will always have an upper hand over a person who can't cook. cooking 3. Go on a blind or a speed date: Try something new. You might just like the experience or have something to laugh about later. Young couple sharing a glass of red wine in restaurant 2. Party all night: Not that you won't do it after marriage, but there's no guarantee about how often it will happen. Have your share of fun now. Young people dancing at a nightclub, under blue coloured spotlights 1. Travel Solo: The best way to explore what's within you. Go to a foreign land, or just anywhere to know yourself better.

solo trip