7 Smartest Tricks to Sleep in Office without Getting Caught

Head Back, Mouth Open, Snoring Loudly……..Caught Red Handed!

The boss calls you inside his cabin and roasts you to the hell and back. You come out head down this time, your colleagues tease you, gossip and laugh. A nap can change your life!

For those days when you’ve been up all night and lack of sleep makes you feel drunk at job, you play smart or die. Hell Yeah!

Why feel embarrassed when you can sleep at work without being caught. Not that we’re promoting sleeping at your job, but getting a little sneaky sometimes doesn’t hurt anyone.

Here are the smartest ways to fool them and catch up on some sleep:

1. Stick on Eyes – Who would suspect you are sleeping behind these stick on eyes unless your boss smells you snoring? Too bad, who on this face of the Earth is selling these? So thoughtful!

Stick on Eyes

2. Near Sighted – Take yourself closer to the screen of your laptops/computer, put your hand on that mouse and pretend you’re hard at work on that new proposal. Even better, open a document that reads big figures. Who knows you are enjoying ‘shut eye’ for as long as you don’t get caught? Ding Ding Ding!

Near Sighted

3. Thinking Chin – Place your hand under the chin, rest your head against the palm and sleep underneath this sham. They would assume you are deep into that important memo to death. How epic!  Grinnnnn!

giphy (1)

4. Headphones – Put on the headphones for them to know you’re listening to music and inattentive.  Meanwhile, get some merry little nap; zzzzzzzzzz’s. Don’t forget to put your computer screens on at all times to avoid Bang Bang!

Baby Sleep headphones

5. Fixing Loose Wire – Find some space under your table and make yourself comfortable for a quick shut eye. Everybody will assume you are fixing a wire underneath or hunting for things fallen off the desk. Wicked eh?

Fixing Loose Wire

6. Bathroom – Go and get a quick nap, if anybody suspects, tell them you were constipated!

Bathroom Dreamer

7. Hide behind inventory pile up

Inventory Pile Up Find a place such as this. Who cares anyway to jump so high and long to catch you? If you still get caught, #betatumsenahopayega!