7 Smart Travelling Hacks Everyone MUST Learn

We love travelling! Who doesn’t? Seeing new places, meeting new people and making new memories is something that excites us so much! But most of the time when we want to travel, we are broke. When we aren’t broke, we are busy dealing with every kind of struggle that comes along with travelling. Because we want to make things easier for us and everyone else, we created a list of hacks that could make the whole experience a thousand times better and easier!

  1. Early Bird gets the Best Worm Not only do early birds get the best worm, they also get the best deals on flight tickets, hotel rooms, and just about everything else! Hence, book early!
  2. 1 Book Early
  3. The Art of Combining Vouchers Apply a coupon here, get some cashback there, and earn a complimentary meal somewhere else! You just have to have the skills of combining all your deals together!
  4. 2 Combining Vouchers
  5. Homestays over Hotels Forget hotels, enjoy the luxury of a home! Homestays are cheaper than hotels, more relaxing, and you get to interact with new people! It’s a win-win situation!
  6. 3 Homestays
  7. Travel Light Pack smartly and lightly! Learn how to use your precious baggage space wisely, decide what items to carry, and what to discard! This hack is extremely important and often the most ignored!
  8. 4 Pack Lightly
  9. Off-Season Travel Don’t visit a place during the peak season! It always means high prices, crowded places, and a ruined vacation! If you want to really enjoy exploring a place, travel during the off-season. One of the best ways to have a good time, in our opinion!
  10. 5 Off-Season
  11. Go Online Take a back-up of your photos on your cloud. Keep scanned copies of your passport, travel permits, etc. online. Save all your important details on Evernote. With this hack, you will never have to fret about losing all the important stuff!
  12. passport and fly tickets over map background
  13. Learn the Basics When in Rome…you don’t need to speak like the Romans, but it’s always better if you know the basics! Learn how to say hello or ask for directions in the local language. Who knows, you might even make a local friend
  14. 7 Learn a Language

Remember these travel hacks before you set on your next trip. Happy travels, guys!