7 Situations Where Indian Relatives Were Annoying AF

Relatives, nosy and noisy AF, they always have a reason to either complain about you to your parents or saving you from them or appreciating you way too much or the most common: poking into everything you were ever involved in! They have two completely different reasons; either they love you way too much or hate you way too much! But then us Indian kids, we have specific situations where we have to face our relative’s satirical wrath for the most of it!

Here we list down 7 situations most of us Indian kids have faced with our relatives at least once in our lifetime!

1. “He’s ill? He does not need medicine! He needs a wife who can cook him up some hot soup!”

Said every aunty who exists in our country, because hey, women are just meant to be cooks to men!
Yeah, that’s about right!



2. “Education? What’s the need of education? Get her married!”

Because women (again) don’t need education! Because we are not meant to work. We are instead meant to get married and host kitty parties after 18 years of age.



3. “What? Love marriage? What is wrong with you? All hail arranged marriage!”

Yeah, because we are not allowed to spend the rest of our lives with someone we’ve probably been in love with for quite some time now but instead have sex with a stranger on our ‘first night’!



4. “Son! I’ve got the best girls for you! At least look at their photographs!”

Okay then, the marriage trail again! In spite of being crystal clear for the millionth time that you are not interested in marriage, this still has to happen, no? Well, we guess their will power is just too strong!
They just never give up, do they?



5. “When are the results coming out beta?”

Right. So we haven’t even given our tests, let alone received our exam dates and they want to know about our results for papers we have not even written yet!
Why, lord, WHY?




6. “When am I getting the sweets, sweety?”

Sweets for what? Where was this consideration on other much more important occasions?
Well, to all the aunties out there, we never got any from your side when your son scored ‘better’ than us? Oh wait, he must’ve topped right?
How do you only remember us when it’s result day? Dafuq!



7. “Come here you! Oh my darlinggg!”

And then comes the pain! *Pulling cheeks* *pulling them harder* *some more pulling* and they just don’t stop. Like, AT ALL! Well, you gotta stop now aunty, don’t you? Urgh!
‘Cause you’re almost like killing me here!



These people are at least considerably alright in others’ comparison!
You guys know what’s even worse? The type of people who would want you to give up on everything!